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Egypt is a very popular tourist destination attracting visitors from all around the world. The health and safety of these tourists is vital to ensure the continued growth of the Egyptian tourism industry, which has a major impact on the country’s economy.

Pulseberry Health Consultants, a reputed international company have set up offices across Egypt, with the aim of providing a locally based and easily accessible, one stop solution offering. Our Pulseberry Egypt business will be providing a complete range of international training courses, auditing and consultancy for implementation of management systems.

“If you don’t have time to do it right you must have time to do it over”

I am a doctor who believes that auditing is a very effective tool to support your business. It's a belief that I must deliver complete knowledge, I know how to improve workers awareness and background of institutions.

It's a life style, a commitment and a dream to make all people and all places have the same mindset.

I look forward to adding more value to your business as I believe that effort, dedication and transparency in project management are the basis of trustful relationships.

I am a consultant who has scientific background with specializations in areas ranging from environmental sciences, food technology and project management to tourism business amongst others.

Every day I expand my knowledge in safety, hygiene, quality, brand protection and sustainability to consolidate my methodologies to offer hotels, tourist services, DMC's or hotel chains, both practical and effective solutions.

Having panels of experts and continuous innovation committees at my disposal and my contacts with associations that represent the tourism industry have made me comfortable with those who share our value, as I like to work with the best. Together with our team we work punctually with experts with proven prestige.

Dr. Amal El-Gammal


We would be pleased to discuss your requirements in detail to customize our service offerings for your needs.


• Consultancy Services

• Risk Assessment

• Audit and Inspection

• Technical Services

• Trading Law

• Training and Coaching

• HACCP Implementation

• Due Diligence / Gap Analysis

• ISO 22000 Implementation

• Food Safety Management System

• Regulatory Compliance Audits

• Person In Charge (PIC) Training



Pulseberry E- Audit: E-audit tool which can be used by external and internal auditors to conduct compliance audits

Pulseberry E- Data: An electronic database with compiled information for onsite Risk Assessment, Investigation of Food Poisoning allegations, Recommended Secondary Shelf life for in-house products

Pulseberry NutriCal: Will assist in calculating the calories based from client’s declared ingredients of each menu item

IVA - Interactive Visual Assessment: A program designed to support knowledge acquisition and/or skill development

www.pulseberry.com amal@pillsburyconsulting.com

Cairo Office

Building no. 88
Yasmine Area 8 Square,
1 settlement, New Cairo


Suez Canal Office

Building no. 305
Sultan Hussein Square ,


Hurgada Office

Building no. 76
Hurgada Airport Square,
Kawthar Area

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